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Noa Belillti, better known as NOA, is an up and coming artist captivating audiences with her diverse musical talents. With roots in RnB/Soul, NOA draws inspiration from a plethora of styles including hip-hop, funk, jazz, and world music genres to create a unique and powerful sound. Her soulful vocals and electrifying live performances have earned her recognition in the Austin music scene, where she has been performing professionally since 2010. A true world citizen, NOA’s multicultural influences stems from her Moroccan-Israeli background and classical vocal training at the University of Texas at Austin. The artist’s first album, "In Your Dreams," was released on February 3, 2023, and features collaborations with notable Austin artists such as D-Madness, Billy Blunt, and Tray God Tha MC. NOA is no stranger to working with other artists, having been a featured vocalist and writer on several recent projects including Iram Reyes’ latest EP “From Where I Stand” (2023) and on Universal Seedz’s latest EP “Rise Up” (2020). Viewing music also as a spiritual endeavor, NOA is dedicated to using her voice and writing to represent raw authenticity in her craft. With a genre-bending approach and cultural flexibility, the multi-faceted artist continues to push the boundaries of contemporary music and leave a lasting impact on audiences everywhere. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, NOA is definitely an artist to keep a sharp eye out for.

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